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"You Don't Need To Be An EXPERT To Invest In The Stock Market"

3 Little Known Secrets How I Was Able To Start Trading And Investing In The Philippine Stock Market - and you can too!

Plus My Secret Formula To Predict If Stocks Have A Potential To Grow

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From the desk of Cristina Orlina

Daughter, Employee, Stock Market Trader & Investor

Dear Friend,

If you want to start investing in the Philippine Stock Market so you can have passive income, retire early and live comfortably.. 

...then this may just be the most exciting thing you’ll read today.


It’s because I’ll show you:

  • How to finally start trading and investing in the Philippine Stock Market.
  • The story of a BPO employee who profited from the stock market and how she did it in just 3 years.

By the way, when I say “passive income” I literally mean waking up with money in your account.

I am NOT here to recruit you to join a specific business.

I am NOT here to offer you Networking Marketing, MLM, or any form of Pyramiding business.

I am NOT a broker and will not manage your investment.

I’m talking about investing your own money in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

An investment vehicle that's simple to understand, love, build, grow, sustain and that will ultimately help you live the life you want when you retire.

But before I reveal these to you, I’d like to introduce myself.

Hello, My name is Cristina Orlina

Before we get into the juicy and meaty details on what I'm going to share with you, let me tell you something about myself.

As you know, I’m a very ordinary woman just like you who have a dream to have a brighter financial future. 

Yes,  I want to have financial freedom like most people dream of. 

I like dancing, reading and online shopping **woohoo 

(Yes! You can save and invest your money in the stock market and still enjoy shopping.)

I’m here to share with you “The 3 Secrets On How I Passively Earned in the Stock Market in Less Than 3 years."

But...Why Would You Even Listen To What I'm Going To Reveal To You?

Please allow me to give you a short background about myself so that you will have an idea who I am and why should you believe the things I am about to share with you.

This story is not easy for me to share, but I got the courage to share it with you with the purpose of helping others realize that no matter where you are at now, there is a great chance for you to achieve your dreams. 

This is a picture of how we celebrated special occasions before.hi

Our family would celebrate via Skype ng Pasko, ng Bagong Taon, ng Birthdays, at kahit Graduation

When I was in 2nd year college my father had to work abroad, para makapag aral kaming magkakapatid.

He had to be an OFW for 10 years.

If you are an OFW reading this, or anak ka ng isang OFW, I’m sure you also know how it feels to be away from family, to celebrate special occasions na hindi kayo magkakasama.  

And then I graduated...

I’m a nurse by profession. 

Alam mo nung time ko, it was very typical to be a nurse. 

Pinag-nursing ako para makapag-abroad for a more lucrative life kasi hindi naman din kalakihan sahod ng nurse dito sa Pilipinas. 

Uso noon yung volunteer nurse (sa mga di nakakaalam yun yung mag-du-duty ka sa hospital PERO ikaw magbabayad sa hospital kasi wala silang resources para swelduhan ka).

Syempre ako naman bilang new graduate, wala akong choice. Kasi hindi ka naman tatanggapin for employment kung wala kang hospital experience, and wala kang makukuhang experience kung hindi ka "mag-vo-volunteer" work. 

Ang labo ba? Basta ganon. Ewan ko na lang ngayon. Siguro iba na. 

Ginawa ko yung volunteer work for almost 2 years.. (dakila diba? OO ginawa ko yun ng libre!!)

10 years na akong walang tulog...

Nawalan na akong pag-asa after 2 years of volunteering in the hospital. 

So fast forward, here I am now, after 10 years, isang Bayaning Puyat working in the night corporate. 

Sa call center, bukod sa malaki ang sahod, maraming incentives at may kung ano anong opportunities to yung overtime pay, $$$ client incentives at kung ano ano pa. 

Sabi ko... "sayang naman tong mga pera na ito kung walang napupuntahan"


Pero bakit ganon ano? Kada nakikita mong lumalaki ang ipon mo parang ang sarap gastusin?

Sinubukan ko na din yung 52-week challenge, pero August pa lang ubos na.

Sinubukan ko lahat....

I tried MLM...

Sabi nung kaibigan ko... "yung 1,000 mo gagawin kong 10,000".

May nagsabi na rin ba nito sayo? 

Alam mo na din siguro ang ending ng kwentong ito...

Oo! Tama! Pawer!

Nabiktima ako ng pawer!

Pero, hindi pa rin ako sumuko. Nag-isip pa rin ako ng ibang paraan para magkaroon ng extrang pera.

I also tried doing business... 

I had an online retail store for 3 years but it also did not work out.

Parang may mali, parang may kulang. Ako ba problema o hindi para saken ang lahat ng iyon?

Sabi ko nakakadala na pero naghanap pa rin ako ng ibang opportunities na pwedeng mapalago ang pera, hindi yung tipong natutulog lang sa bangko.

Then I got curious sa Stock Market.

Nag-self study ako dahil pagkatapos ng madami kong lugi, talo at failures, ayoko na muna maglabas ng pera para magbayad ng course o ng tao para magturo sakin kung paano nga ba ang mag-invest sa stock market.

Kaya, I consumed a lot of free contents online.

From Youtube, Facebook groups, Blogs, at kung ano ano pa


Until I felt I was running out of time and I needed someone to teach me. 

I’ve met reputable, great people who have been investing in the stock market.

and discovered and learned simple trading and investing strategies.

...and eventually created my OWN.

Gradually, my investment in the stock market started to grow until they were ready for the harvest.

Also Because of This, I Was Able To Interview and Be Interviewed By...

Mr. Marvin Germo, stock trader and investor, the founder of Stock Smarts and an international keynote speaker and author.

And invites for speaking engagements and interviews...

Proof Of My Earnings In The Stock Market

Earnings from Dividends

Here are some of My  Notices Of Cash Dividends I have received.

Earnings from Capital Gains

Here samples of my gains after selling my shares from different companies.

Withdrawal Notice

Here screenshots of my withdrawal notices after selling some shares to finance of one of my short term goals which is the downpayment of my dream house and lot.

Because of this...

and to cut my mala-telenobelang story...

I was able to gradually start fulfilling my dreams of giving a comfortable life and fun travel experiences to my family.

Finally hindi na Skype on special occassions. 

I started to become financially stable, hindi mayaman, but comfortable enough and capable enough to help my family and help others.

Can you imagine their priceless smiles and laughters in our trips?

I am Showing You All These To Tell You That Dreams Do Come True

But I also realized something...

I realized that only 1% of Filipinos are Stock Market Investors because they don't know how.

I started to look for ways how to share what I learned. 

Panahon na para tayong mga Pilipino ang makinabang sa sarili nating bansa.

Alam ko kahit hindi mo sabihin, you also have Beautiful Dreams for your Loved Ones. 

Alam ko din, deep inside you want the best for them.

At alam ko din na hindi naman pera ang gusto natin, pero ang kayang gawin ng pera for us to fullfill those dreams of ours.

I am NOT an expert...

I do NOT have enough time...

I am NOT matalino...


How would you like to make your first ₱500,000 in the stock market in less than 3 years EVEN if you DON'T have a Big Capital, NO idea how, NO Experience in Trading and Investing, and EVEN if WALA kang Oras.

In the next 10 minutes, you're going to find out the exact steps on how I started trading and investing in stocks and have been growing my money in the stock market. 

My goal for you today is to let you know that...

  1. The Only Way for you to Maximize Your Earnings During Your 20s-40s and Not Worry About Money When You Retire is through Stock Market Investing.
  2. The ONLY WAY for you to Successfully Make Money In The Stock Market is by following these 3 SECRETS that I’m going to reveal to you today.  

This is NOT for you if

  1. You are already earning in the stock market and have developed a strategy that works.
  2. You want to earn but don't want to take actions.
  3. You have NO patience and want results NOW. This is NOT a get rich quick investment.
  4. You want to learn swing trading, day trading, momentum trading, scalping. This is not for you.
  5. If you want to learn about Mutual funds, UITF, VUL, Forex trading or Crypocurrency . No, this is not for you.


What is an Extra ₱100K, ₱ 200K, ₱ 500K Passive Income Worth To You?

Magpatayo o bumili ng sarili mong bahay at lupa?

Bumili ng kotse?

Pambayad ng utang?

Pang-tuition ng bagets?

O bakasyon kasama ang pamilya? Beach? Out of the country?

A peace of mind dahil solved na ang retirement fund mo?

O tumulong sa ibang tao?

If ONE or MORE of the things above are your long time dreams, then these 3 SECRETS that helped me earn passively in the stock market in less than 3 years that I am going to REVEAL to you will definitely make a great transformation in your life

SECRET #1: The 3 Step Beginner’s Formula

"Discover The Exact Formula Why The Stock Market Is One Of The Safest Way To Invest Your Money And Start Even If You Don’t Have A Lot Of Money."

But first, let me answer your question on why should you invest?

Look at the chart below, for example your monthly income is ₱20,000 when you started working at 20 years old. That's ₱240,000 a year ?.

Imagine that, when you retire at 60 milyonaryo ka na!! Meron ka ng ₱9,600,000.

But can you do this?

Can you save all your salary?

Is that possible?

That's not possible kasi you cannot save 100% without spending. Di ka na kakain nyan, paano ang pambayad sa bills, utilities etc. 

It's impossible! So ibig sabihin niyan if you don't invest, you will NOT be able to MAXIMIZE your earnings. 

Now, let's look at this naman.

In this example. for as small as ₱1,000 to start and ₱3,000 monthly addition to your investment this is how it would look like as estimate.

You can start kahit less than ₱1k and it's not even required to put in ₱3k monthly, You can invest higher or lower, no issue there. 

Whatever amount you put in, compounding interest will take care of that. 

Also, hindi fixed yung 12% return, it can also be lower or higher than that. 

But I don't want you to dwell on that. What I'm trying to say is that it's like a snowball. Kapag ni-roll mo na maliit lang, habang ni-ro-roll mo lalo lumalaki diba?

Parang investing!

My question is, do you have at least ₱1,000?

Are you willing to sacrifice muna burgers, or make up or milktea?

Did you know that these institutions are investing too?

So how does investing in the stock market work?

If a company kasi want to grow it's business hindi naman yan mag-do-door to door para invite tayo na mag-invest sa busines nila. Kaya ang gagawin ng mga companies na ito ay mag-re-rehistro sila sa Philippine Stock Exchange para mag-offer ng shares sa public.

Kaunting kaalaman: Ang shares, ang Stocks at Equities ay iisa lamang.

Investors buy stocks because they believe they can sell it higher in the future.

Ang gusto natin yung small time ay magiging big time.?

You can earn by selling it higher in the future, or also by getting dividends. 

That's passive income. Are you convinced now? Yes? Okay let's start!

The 3-Step Beginner's Formula To Start In The Stock Market is:

 YOU + a legitimate Broker + a Public Company

First, kailangan ka dito. Yes, You! 

Then, before you can buy shares need a broker before you can start investing. It's not possible for us to go directly to SM for example and tell the cashier you want to buy SM stocks. 

No friend, hindi pwede yon. Bibigyan ka ng weird face nung cashier. 

There are many legitimate brokers in the Philippines that you can chose from (just vist Your banks may even offer it too.

After selecting one, you apply for an Online Trading Account.

Gone are the days where you transact and go to the Philippine Stock Exchange or call the broker to buy and sell stocks.

We live in one of the greatest time where everything is just a click of a button online. The online broker company will assist you throughout your application process. It's easy as opening a bank account. 

Fund you account.

Different brokers have different requirements. As of 2020, the lowest amount to open an online trading account is 1,000 pesos.

And good news, you can use that same 1,000 to buy your first stock.

and last is to choose a company to invest in.

Gusto mong magkaroon ng fast food restaurant kaya lang kulang ang pera mo and hindi ka rin marunong magmanage ng isang restaurant, makisosyo ka na lang kay Jollibee, MAXs o Pizza Hut.

Gusto mong magkaroon ng bangkomakisosyo ka kay Metrobank, BDO, o BPI...In this case you will not only be putting your money in the bank, but you are buying a bank.

Gusto mong magbenta ng bahay, magkaroon ng sariling real estate company pero kulang sa budget at kaalaman? Makisosyo ka kay Ayala Land, SM Prime Holdings, Robinsons Land.

Buy your selected company or stock and wait your money to grow and work hard for you. 

When you gain profit, or when you've hit your goal. Sell your stocks and repeat. 

This is a Very Simple Fail-Proof Beginner's Formula.

SECRET #2: The Newbie Friendly Strategy

"See Behind The Scenes Of This Technique That Helped My Students Start And Invest In The Stock Market Even If They Don’t Have Experience And Expertise."

I've made several mistakes when I started investing in the stock market.

One of the mistake I made is that I did not have a clear goal on why I was investing.

Other than gusto ko lang lumago ang pera ko, yun lang. Walang specific goal. 

I was also dependent to an online stock subscription before. Sinusunod ko lang kung anong sabihin niya na bibilhin at kung kelan magbebenta.

I did not have a trading and investing strategy.

When I was younger, my parents would often tell me, "Paano na lang kung wala kami. Kailangan mong matutong tumayo sa sarili mong paa."

and I realized that same with stock market investing, they're right.

I was not developing my stock market investing or trading skills.

I was not becoming responsible with my own financial success. 

That turned into a -74% loss in a stock that I bought.

and because of these mistakes, I learned simple ways to compare stocks to be able to choose good ones to buy, 'Stress-Free' at 'Nosebleed-Free'


Congratulations! By now nakapili ka na ng broker and nakapag-open ka na ng online trading account with them.

Ang problema mo ngayon is, ang dami palang stocks Ms Cris. Anong bibilhin ko dito? 

Nasa tamang landas ka kaibigan, pero bago yan. Ituturo ko muna sayo kung kailan ka muna dapat bumili at kung paano magbasa ng charts. 

Oh nooooo! Did you just say charts? Do I need to be an expert reading charts?

Before you panic think of it like the game of chess. 

Kung matagal tagal ka ng naglalaro nito, mapapansin mo na mayroong pattern. 

Seeing a pattern once won't help you but real chess improvement is dependent on seeing patterns dozens of time. 

Mastering the Legendary Jutsu takes practice. 

Before using it in battle, you need to perform hand seals. Because of the extensive number of hand seals and different combinations, there are thousands of potential techniques to be discovered.

Parang reading chart patterns? Pasok diba? hahahaha

These pictures is a simple formula on buying low and selling high.

It is buying from a Support level and selling at the Resistance.

Bago ba yung term? Don't worry. Let me tell you what it is. Look closer at the chart.... yes.... closer pa. Zoom in mo para intense. Ok can you see it?

Can you see that everytime the candles hit "Support" it bounces and never goes down further? In the same way that whenever it touches the "Resistance" line it goes down again? 

Hmmmm ok so you are telling me Cris, I can buy low from the support line and then sell high at the resistance level

Yes! That's one strategy. And knowing this as a basic chart reading skill will save you a lot of stress. Learn and master one jutsu first then learn others next.

SECRET #3: The Recession Guide To Investment

"This Crisis Guide Has Helped Me Trade And Invest Even If I’m Too Busy At Work And Daily Life Routine ."

Have you even wondered why should you even invest or how you should invest in the time of this global pandemic?

Cases are rising. Stock prices are dropping. Foreign investors are leaving. 

These are facts. These headlines are our current reality. 

But let me show you the facts around the Philippine Stock Market as well.

This is the Philippine Stock Exchange Index or PSEI. This shows us the overall health of the Philippine Stock Market. 

This is not the first time our country has been shaken with bad news.

1998 was the Asian Financial Crisis.

2003 was SARS outbreak and Iraq wars. 

And can you not forget the Great Recession of 2008-09 along with the Ah1N1 virus?

Just this year was the Taal Eruption, Water Crisis and now COVID19.

History repeats itself and as you can see everything goes back to normal, the market always bounces back. 

Now, I am not a fortune teller nor a time traveller to say for sure when we will bounce back but what I'm trying to say is that YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY IS NOT FACT, BUT FEAR.

What Is The Recession Guide To Investing?

This guide helps you get to know the company or stock you are investing in.

Sapat lang ba na kilala mo itong mga ito?

Sapat lang ba na consumer ka ng mga producto nila?

Before you invest your money on any of these stocks, get to know them as you would know a potential partner....yiiiiiiiiiiiih ?

Diba you invest your time knowing him or her? Ganon din sa stock! 

Magagawa mo yun kung alam mo ang PEG mo!

Yes PEG. Profile, Earnings and Growth. Lahat ng iyan ay nasa broker mo, sa online trading account mo. Kailangan mo na lang basahin at ikumpara. 

Hindi mo kailangan maging economist, or magaling sa math. Ano ba ang profile ng company? Paano sila kumikita? Kumikita ba sila taon taon? May plano ba silang lumago in the future? May mga utang ba sila? If meron may kakayanan ba silang bayaran ito? Umutang pa sila para gamitin for expansion which is a potential growth?

If you know companies from inside and out, this will give you conviction even when market prices are temporary down because you are confident on the fundamentals of the stocks you bought not because of what other people said. 

And surprisingly, you don't need to analyze these data because the research is provided for ng broker mo. Think of it na parang chismis about companies. Tigilan mo na muna ang showbiz chikka and start reading stocks chikka. Kung may Plantito at Plantita - magpaka-StockTito at StockTita na muna tayo.

Whew! That was a lot. Sana may napulot kang aral.

So Cris, posible ba na after learning and applying these 3 SECRETS na pwede na akong mag-invest at bumili ng stocks even if I only have a small amount of money, even if I'm not an expert in finance, and even if I am busy sa work?  

Of course, a BIG yes.

I know that you can only absorb so much information in such a short period of time and I have so much more information and knowledge I wish I could share with you. 

What If You Can Just Copy Step By Step The Same Process and Strategies That I Used To Make Money in the Stock Market in Less Than 3 Years?

Sino bang may ayaw nun diba?

Minsan kailangan mo lang din ng tutulak sayo, ng little push, ng encouragement or someone to guide you one step at a time to your desired destination, right?

That’s why I'm giving you a chance to do things with my guidance.

Because I am giving you exclusive access to the exact same strategies I used in my stock market trading and investing. 

You can use these tools so that you can successfully invest in stocks even if you are JUST GETTING STARTED

I am confident that I can teach you how to be a successful, cautious stock market trader and investor in a span of 6 weeks and start growing your small amount of money to hundreds of thousands of Pesos in the stock market stress-free.

I'm inviting you to join Project Meraki...

This is Stocks Academy Masterclass Batch 3

What makes Stocks Academy the best way to reach your first ₱50,000, your first 500,000 , your first 1 million?

This is a one of a kind masterclass because you will be coached by someone who has already done it. 

The lessons are not going to be based on theory, but based on experience that worked. 

According to studies, the best method of learning is through modeling. 

In the 6 week LIVE Masterclass, you will be able to follow by seeing someone actually doing it

Right after every session, you will get simple actionable assignments that you can start applying what you will be learning immediately.

You will also get templates that you can literally copy-paste and tweak to fit your own financial needs and situation. 

The worksheet and templates alone will save you many hours and days of trial and error of choosing your stock and managing your investments. 

There's NO need to go searching for the right stocks to buy.

Everything you need to invest your money on stocks are already provided for you.

All the heavy lifting has been done for you.

If there's a short way of starting to invest in the stock market that is profitable and repeatable this is the ONE!

What's Included in the 6-week Masterclass?

Week 1: Get An Unfair Advantage In The Stock Market By Knowing These Shocking Truths

Week 2 & 3: Worry-Free Profitable Strategy To Buy The Best Stock For Short and Long Term Investing Designed For Busy People

Week 4 & 5: Super-Newbie-Friendly-Trading-Strategy To Determine The Best Time To Buy And Sell Stocks - Nose-Bleed Free How To Read Charts

Week 6: Powerful Tools That Instantly Makes You An Expert In The Stock Market World Of Jargons

I don't just leave you hanging after the Masterclass. We will have TWO Follow Up Group Coaching Session to monitor your progress.

What makes Project Meraki unique?

  • Project Meraki is a lifetime access. You will NOT pay for monthly subscription fees.
  • Actual walkthrough of HOW TO read charts, choose stocks for long term investing, sort stocks for short term trading and timing the market to buy and sell. 
  • 50+ short videos on demand that you can watch along side with the live masterclass lessons.
  • Weekly worksheet and homework to implement what you have learned right away. The goal of Project Meraki is not just learning and additional knowledge but taking action.
  • Great customer service because I value customer satisfaction. My students message me anytime and I respond within the day, I even respond via video for better explanation.
  • Easy to follow strategies, even strategies that you can create on your own that best fits your lifestyle, age, goal, fund and current situation.
  • No holds bar, I am giving you ALL the stock market investing and trading strategies I've learned. All you have to do is choose, without information overload.
  • And best of all is the after care coaching. Our relationship does not end when the masterclass end. We all grow as one.

What Else Are Inside Project Meraki?

Stocks for Padawan On Demand 4 Modules with 50+ Recorded Videos That You Can Watch Anytime Anywhere. Lessons Continously Being Added (₱4,997 Value)

2 Follow Up Group Coaching Session for the next 4 months, includes Live Q&A, Portfolio Updates, Sharing Of Best Practices, Quest And Challenges (₱8,200 Value)

BONUS #1 10 Year Financial Data Of Blue Chips Hidden-Gem-Done-For-You 10 Years Worth Of Fundamental Data of The top 30 Blue Chip Companies (₱4,997 Value)

BONUS #2 Stock Sorter: Analysis and Worksheet Simple & Effective Method To Picking Companies That Are Good, Growing, and Earning (Best For  Beginners With Zero Love For Economics) (₱1,998 Value)

BONUS #3 The Fair Value Calculator The Ultimate Copy Paste Template To Know If A Stock Is Cheap Or Expensive (Best For Learners With Zero Love For Math) (₱1,998 Value)

BONUS #4 My Trading Diary Successful Traders Secret That Strengthens Their Conviction And Trading Skills (Best For Newbies With Zero Love For Excel) (₱1,499 Value)

BONUS #5 Be Part Of Our Private Facebook Mastermind Group (₱riceless)

BONUS #6 Exclusive Student Updates And Shortcuts In Getting Faster Results (₱riceless)

I want to be transparent with you..This is NOT for everyone.

"I had two choices when I created this Masterclass"

I can make it really cheap so that I can have hundreds of students to coach, but I won't be able to focus and give as much value as I can. 

Or, choice two requires a little higher investment from you so that I can focus on those who have the burning desire to learn.

So I decided to choose number 2 so I can overdeliver in the Masterclass. 

Here's What Other People Are Saying..

Great Investment for Novices

Enrolling in Stocks Academy is a great investment for novices with zero or little knowledge of stock investing.

Affordable compared to other training courses. Lessons are easy to understand for beginners. Streamlines your learning process so you can save time and start investing in the stock market with confidence.

KRISTEL KWAN Clinical Administrator

Stock Academy is the Best

You really nurtured my mind to the things I should know about stock market. You taught me what I need to know from fundamental to understanding charts (technical analysis). Not recommendation for stocks that should be bought and when to sell.

To people who’s afraid to take a risk, Risk is always part of the life. You just have to learned minimize the risk and continue living (I think you mentioned this too in one of your videos). For those who have zero knowledge in stock investing, I think you must have first determination in what you really want to achieve, then start reading and talking to people that could explain or teach things to you. Learning really takes time, so you must really invest time and efforts for it. It will not be served in silver platter especially nowadays.

Stock Academy is the best. And I will really recommend this if someone ask me when/where and how to learn Stock Investing from scratch.

ROSE JANE POSADAS  HR/Admin and Finance

Every Penny is Worth It from this Course

Before I was very hesitant to apply in Stocks Academy since may bayad. But I told myself, kung yung investment naman na gagamitin ko mababawi naman pag natuto ako then it’ll be worth it. Ms. Cristina is a very good mentor and I learned a lot from her online courses. Every penny is worth it from this course.

Stocks Academy is one of the best investment I’ve enrolled so far. Before I was very confused about technical analysis, but now I’m starting to understand and apply my knowledge about technical analysis.

IAN LIAO // Dentist

Not the Usual Mentor-Student SetUp

I am happy na gradually natututo ako about Stock Market, Different Strategies, Trading information and approach that I can apply in the future. 

I am glad that I have enrolled with Stocks Academy Master Class, It is just our 3rd Week going on 4th and I can say that I have learned a lot from this, your teaching method is newbie friendly and your trying to simplify topics in such a way that everyone of us will understand.

Also during our online sessions you make it a point that we feel like we were just talking to a friend and not the usual mentor-student set up, and that makes us comfortable specially in asking questions that sometimes maybe difficult and awkward to ask if the case was different.

ALFIE MADLANSACAY  //  System Implementation/Support

I'm Abby Alvarez, An Accountant in an International NGO. Now, I'm full time accountant. Like what I've mentioned before, college palang ako nag ka idea na ako sa stock market pero hindi ko alam noon ang pasikot sikot dito.

Ilang beses akong nagtatangkang pag-aralan 'to on my own pero lagi akong nakukulangan ng extra time and wala pa ding pera pang capital. Plus pa yung ibang tao na i-didiscourage ka pumasok sa mundo ng stocks kasi wala naman din silang background kung hindi puro hearsay lang na may mga nabankrupt gawa nga ng stock market.

Pero i must say, kung andun talaga yung urge,passion and dedication mo. Why not try? Buti nga may mga ganitong program na ngayon to help mapadali mong matututunan yung step by step on how to wisely invest sa stock market.

Napakadami kong pinanuod na videos sa YT, finallow na group, pero wala akong malinaw na nakuhang step to guide me properly hanggang sa nag decide akong mag enroll dito sa program ni Coach.


Oo, nung una hesitant ako kasi malaking pera din para sa mga beginners like me for age like 20s ang perang ininvest ko dito. Pero naisip ko, eventually, mababawi ko din naman yung ininvest ko kung mag sisimula na din ako agad. Lalo na't naka sale most of stocks ngayon.  Good entry point na din.

Dito natest na din yung risk tolerance ko, like sa pag iinvest sa stocks, if low risk, low return. But always  remember before u take risky moves, u have to always check background if it is worth the move! (Btw, chineck ko din po yung program ni coach ng maigi, hindi po siya scam. Hahaha) Well, It actually applies in general. Naprove ko dito yung essence nung patience na better if u undergo the process kahit mahaba pa yan (feel mo matagal, kasi yun yung nafeel ko nung una) pero nung natapos na yung program.

Na realize ko yung value nung "worth it" na word. Worth it, lahat ng pag undergo ko nung process, kasi napolish yung mga wrong mindset ko sa stocks. Worth it, na nadagdagan yung knowledge ko on how i'll make use of different strategies na natutunan ko para sa next moves ko and madami pa. Sobrang thankful ako dito, Promise. I highly recommend this program para sa mga beginners lang talaga. Yung wala pang idea at all.


Ngayon, inuunti-unti kong iappply yung natutunan ko. Slowly but surely ang peg. haha Ok lang mabagal, do not compare you're progress to others. Kasi kapag firm na yung knowledge mo dito, eventually madali mo na din malalaro ang stocks. Wag mainggit sa iba na nag kaganito na sa stocks, kasi for sure naka experience din yan ng losses. Hindi lang nahighlight. Also, Do not stop learning din, kapag natapos mona yung program ni Coach. Kasi kahit nga si Warren Buffet  continuous parin nag babasa basa for betterment. So never stop learning. Andyan naman si Coach para tumulong din always(anytime haha).  

If it excites you to learn new things like dito sa stock market. Hindi dahil gusto mo agad yumaman but instead add new experience, knowledge and feel mong yung desire mo talaga matututo is present. ( Thou part yung pag yaman, sinu bang ayaw diba... it follows!)  Try mo na, now is the time. The earlier, the better! Good luck! :)



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What is the schedule of the live masterclass?

Can I pay in installment?

What if I'm not available during the 'live sessions'?

Why would I invest in your training system if I can research everything online?

How much can I earn in the stock market?

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

I really want to enroll but I am struggling in finances right now. Can you offer a lower price?