Discover Why Is It So Hard To Start and Sustain your Savings and Find Out FIVE Practical Steps How to do it 

What's Inside?

  • Reveal STEPS you can immediately take action and start saving for your dream house, dream car or dream vacation.
  • Discover the ONE habit millionaires have in common - and no it's not discipline.
  • Get FREEBIES and Worksheets for FREE every chapter.


Bite sized,easy to digest and actionable and the arrangement is very eye friendly. Its a good start point in subject of financial literacy.

Michael David Aguilas, BPO Associate, Small Businessman

I Love your book! Nakaka inspire. As you said in your book, I should find a good mentor/advisor like you who can motivate and remind me that I am taking correct path in my financial life. Congratulations!  I will take immediate action on your tips to road of success.

Rose Jane Posadas, Payroll Assistant

Okay na may worksheet para engaged ang reader at plus ang freebies and app recommendations at bonus talaga ang bonus practical steps. Overall, straightforward, informative at entertaining. I give it 5 stars?

Robb De Guzman, Email Subscriber

Hi Cris, I have read the ebook you just sent me. hahaha! It's so nice. It's 5 out of 5. What I like the most about it is that the Libre #2 which is I didn't know about. Haha! I'd love to try those apps because you are right, most of us are always using google for searching, social media apps etc. for killing time. And we aren't actually realizing that those apps are eating our time. Thank Cris because I didn't know there are such apps that can help anyone from too much entertainment. I'd definitely try it. Hehe! And finally is the Libre #3. Yeah, I one of the people who do budgeting, but I do budgeting with my apps on my phone. I have never doing the Envelop System. Does it really work?! If so, I'll try it and see what fits for me. :)

Kera, Email Subscriber