It's Time To Change The Way You Invest!


February 3, 2021

Finally decided ka na to invest in the Philippine stock market? Or make money by trading stocks online? Then it’s time to open an account with a licensed trading participant.

Ang isang licensed trading participant ay stock broker na binigyan ng rights Philippine Stock Exchange to transact for us.

Sa dami ng pagpipilian how do you know alin yung best and alin yung legit?

It’s dependent on a lot of factors and the best way is to check their website. 

Now that we know where to find legit brokers, ang tanong is which one will you choose.

For me, ang important is reliability and accessibility.

Customer service is very important for me. Yung mabilis sumagot, mabilis magreply at mabait sa customer. 

Yes, check their hotline, email, social media and see which ones are helpful and responsive.

You can also get reviews and recommendations from other investors na meron ng online trading account.

Now, you have numerous online stock brokers to choose from, and I encourage you to do your own due diligence to know which one is best for you and your goals.

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Cristina Orlina

The stock market is the greatest equalizer of wealth. 

That's why I'm so passionate about helping young Filipino professionals learn how to invest and take advantage of all the opportunities found in our own market.

I'm serving you a freshly squeezed, straightforward, sleaze-free approach to building your portfolio using proven strategies built to last. 

No superpowers needed!

So, what are you WAITING for!? Let's do this!

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