It's Time To Change The Way You Invest!


August 21, 2020

Reading a lot of books does not grant you success in trading and investing (same with watching lots of Youtube videos).

It doesn't matter what books you read, it depends on what stage you're in that you read certain books.

Don't read books, use books. And that's a big distinction. It's all about implementation. ?

Reading should give you clarify and clarity gives you the power ? to take action.

???If the more you read the more confused you get, it gives you less clarity, it means it takes away power.

???If more reading gives you more clarity and gives you more ability to act. That's good. That's powerful.

Information is just facts, data, numbers, figures, theories, principles. That's just information. There's a lot of information on the internet. There's a lot of information on YouTube. There's a lot of information on Google, there's a lot of information, but the information itself does not help you.

?Information is just information if you don't take action.

So here are four (not in order) books that you can start reading and taking actions on.

✅The Trading Code By: Jason Cam

Written by a Filipino author and is perfect for beginners, advanced traders, and investors. The trading techniques and principles that you will learn in The Trading Code are simple, you can replicate, and effective in any time frame, any stock, and any market.

✅New Trader, Rich Trader By: Steve Burns

New Traders are greedy and have unrealistic expectations; Rich Traders are realistic about their returns. This is a very useful book for beginners and those who are finding it difficult to trade.

✅Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard By: Mark Minervini

You'll gain valuable knowledge as he shares lessons, trading truths, and specific tactics--all derived from his 30-year career as one of America's most successful stock traders.

✅Rich Dad, Poor Dad By: Robert Kiyosaki

Not a stock market trading book but a good read. The book explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to be rich and explains the difference between working for money and having your money work for you.

???Now you implement. Now you get to the next step, which is experience.

And the only way you get the experience as you f*** up a lot, right? You make the mistakes. You see if this stuff works.

You cannot get wisdom without experience. You have to go through all of that.

Now you can simplify everything that you do. And there are only a few things that you need to do to get you the results.

You don't need to do ? things. You can do a couple of things, and you do it well.

Convert information to knowledge, and knowledge to experience

Don't read books, use books,


Cristina Orlina

The stock market is the greatest equalizer of wealth. 

That's why I'm so passionate about helping young Filipino professionals learn how to invest and take advantage of all the opportunities found in our own market.

I'm serving you a freshly squeezed, straightforward, sleaze-free approach to building your portfolio using proven strategies built to last. 

No superpowers needed!

So, what are you WAITING for!? Let's do this!

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