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November 25, 2020

Good morning!

Season ng bonus na naman.

Ano bang magandang gawin sa bonus natin? In this article I’m going to give you 6 tips. 

It’s very important na mayroon tayong portion ng income spent on enjoying life.

All of us work extremely hard to not only provide for our families, pero to also live a quality lifestyle.

#1 Bayad Utang

This may not be applicable for all but to lighten the burden on your shoulders it may be best to pay back any loans or debts.

#2 Give Back

Christmas is a season of giving. You don’t have to give everything but whatever you give back can significantly impact the life of someone else.

#3 Build Your Emergency Fund 

We will never know when a black swan event may happen so it’s best to always be prepared. If wala ka pang emergency fund, now is the best time to start.

#4 Consider Insurance

Again, we will never know when a black swan event may happen so it’s best to always be prepared.

You can start doing your own research kung anong insurance/s yung best sa current situation mo.

#5 Invest

After mo kumurot for personal enjoyment from your bonus, why not make that money work for you instead? You can accomplish this by beginning your investing journey!  consider learning how to invest in the stock market yourself.

#6 Invest In Yourself

Yung personal development mo is the best investment you can make. It can be in a form of training videos, seminar, or books. Walang talo kapag nag-invest ka sa sarili mo. ang yung matututunan mo, nobody can take that away from you. 

Yung bonus is something we only received once a year. Use it wisely and remember, it’s not about how much you MAKE, it’s about how much you SPEND.

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Cristina Orlina

The stock market is the greatest equalizer of wealth. 

That's why I'm so passionate about helping young Filipino professionals learn how to invest and take advantage of all the opportunities found in our own market.

I'm serving you a freshly squeezed, straightforward, sleaze-free approach to building your portfolio using proven strategies built to last. 

No superpowers needed!

So, what are you WAITING for!? Let's do this!

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