It's Time To Change The Way You Invest!


May 19, 2019

Magandang investment vehicle ang stock market.

A lot of people hope they make money from it.

Pero hope is not an investment strategy.

So, I’ll be giving you 5 tips for beginners investing in the stock market.

1. Formulate Strategy

Identify how long you want to keep your money in the stock market

5 years? 10 years? And for what goal?

When do you plan to buy?

One of the best long-term investing strategies that successful investors do is cost averaging.

This is buying consistently at a fixed value and share.

When do you sell?

If your goal is to buy a house and lot worth P5 million. When your portfolio exceeds that value, then it’s time to sell your shares and buy that property

2. Build your wealth

I never withdraw from my account!

If I sell stocks and gained profits, I just move on to other stocks.

Set a regular investment amount and be disciplined to do so.

Investing is a habit.

3. Use Extra Money

Use only extra money in investing in the stock market.

The amount of money that you should place into the market is something that you will not use for years

The stock market is a high risk and highly volatile investment.

4. Do not be Afraid

It is always difficult to see your portfolio in red or lose significant value.

If you chose to be a long term investor and will not need the money in the next year, this mean you can ride the market even through ups, downs and sideways.

5. Do not Stop Learning



Don’t fall for “hot stock tips” from what you see in social media and forums.

Stay away from speculative stocks to avoid “gambling” with your money.

Learning minimizes risk.

Knowledge is power.

Let’s recap

1. Formulate a Strategy

2. Build your wealth

3. Use Extra Money

4. Do not be Afraid

5. Do not Stop Learning

The stock market is a high-risk investment.

Pero yung risk ay mas nagiging manageable the longer you invest.

Bigyan mo ng chance at time ang mga companies to grow their business.

I keep on saying that that investing should be a habit.

Start early and don’t stop until you reach your goals.

Be consistent and you’ll be able to surely afford your dreams.

Cristina Orlina

The stock market is the greatest equalizer of wealth. 

That's why I'm so passionate about helping young Filipino professionals learn how to invest and take advantage of all the opportunities found in our own market.

I'm serving you a freshly squeezed, straightforward, sleaze-free approach to building your portfolio using proven strategies built to last. 

No superpowers needed!

So, what are you WAITING for!? Let's do this!

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